Loverly musical set to open in Rogers City

by Richard Lamb—Advance Editor

Wouldn’t be loverly to see a wonderful musical this weekend? The songs will make you want to dance all night, as you become accustom to being entertained by a talented cast. All you will want is a one enormous chair–or at least a comfortable chair at the Rogers City Theatre. 2016-fair lady 1

“My Fair Lady” opens Friday with a performance at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. A performance is set for Sunday at 2. The same schedule is set for next weekend, May 22-22.

I had the chance to see the dress rehearsal tonight and came away humming the songs. James DeDecker directed the play featuring his wife, Lucy as Eliza. She does a wonderful job singing all the great songs, including “Wouldn’t it be Loverly.” Wes Eagleson portrays  Professor Higgins and Karl Heidemann is Col Pickering.

2016-Fair lady 2

Other cast members are Nolan Ryan, Jodi Collins, Denise Perrault, Bob Starnes III, Melissa Linick, Morgan Suszek, Bob Starnes IV, Brittany Vanderwall, Shiloh McLennon, Carly Claus, Baylee Lijewski, Salena Heidemann, Donna Klein and Sabrina Miller.

Marcy Starnes is the stage manager, Val Schalk serves as costume designer, Lawrence Anderson is the set designer, Bill Halsey is sound engineer and Sally Halsey is the lighting engineer.

The ensemble cast sings and dances through familiar songs dressed in some of the best costumes ever seen on the Rogers City stage. A highlight of the local production is the classic costumes worn by the cast, adding much elegance to the production.

“It’s been incredible. We have been able to partner with Alpena Civic Theater and use some of their tuxedos and tails and borrow a few hats. The other aspect that has made the costuming so special is that Recollections Historic Costumery of Hawks has provided a lot of the costumes and hats for the show,” said James DeDecker, director of the show.

2016-Fair Lady 4

He said Recollections tailored many of the costumes for the ladies and tailored all of lead character Eliza Doolittle’s costumes.

Mike Marx, a familiar performer, who was set to play a major role, suffered a stroke on Palm Sunday, causing a shuffling of the cast. His presence will be missed and honored, the director said.

“We have certainly missed having Mike involved in the production. It was devastating for everyone involved in the theatre, not only this production but also the theater as a whole. Not having him here has been very difficult. We have been able to work through it. Karl Heidemann has been able to step into the role as Col. Pickering that Mike had been playing,” the director said.

Veteran performer Morgan Suszek came to the cast and assumed Heidemann’s former role. Marx, who is the president of the RCCT board, is recovering in a downstate hospital.


“We are dedicating the show to Mike for his continuing recovery,” DeDecker said.

“My Fair Lady” is the latest in the string of great productions by the Rogers City Community Theatre. Go see it!