PISD deputies stand behind Szatkowski

by Angie Asam–Staff Writer

Tensions continue to run high between prosecuting attorney Rick Steiger and the Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Department. As previously reported the County Board of Commissioners approved spending up to $5,000 on legal counsel.

At the Nov. 26 meeting of the board Steiger discussed deputy Brad Szatkowski’s honest, and during themeeting the sheriff’s department was in full force at the meeting with many deputies, sergeants, the sheriff and undersheriff present.

Sergeant John Kasuba did the talking with sheriff's department deputies behind him at the most recent meeting of the Presque Isle County Board of Commissioners. (Photo by Angie Asam)

Sergeant John Kasuba spoke during public comment. “I am here today to represent all the deputies, every active deputy including one retired deputy who is here today, in regards to the last commissioner’s meeting where we feel that deputy Szatkowski was unfairly attacked. We are here today to show support for Brad. You’re not going to find a more hard working, dedicated and loyal officer. Brad is one of the most honest people that I know,” he said before asking the members of the sheriff’s department to stand up, “We all agree with this 110 percent, that’s pretty much all we have to say and we’re totally committed to this,” he concluded.

(The complete version of this article will appear in the Dec. 18, 2014 edition of the Presque Isle County Advance)