Broadcasting class now posting to YouTube channel

by Angie Asam–Staff Writer

The Rogers City High School broadcasting class has added something new this year, they have created their own YouTube channel where their videos can be viewed. Prior to the creation of the channel the only videos that the public was able to view were those of high school sporting events on NFHS network or local events that were put on Rogers City’s public channel on Charter Cable.

Sporting events are still only loaded to NFHS network because the Michigan High School Athletic Association owns the footage from the games. Those events can be viewed by following a link on the districts Web site

RCHS BROADCASTING students (from left) Heather Hentkowski, Ally Streich and Megan Brege work on editing a video they did for the Thanksgiving holiday. Videos made by the class can be viewed on their YouTube channel. (Photo by Angie Asam)

HAVING A YouTube channel allows the class to post other works they have done including sports previews, Halloween and Thanksgiving special pieces, recently the holiday parade, the Optimist Club tree lighting, stop motion videos, homecoming festivities and many other events.

Today (Thursday) the class is filming a lipdub performance to Christmas songs that will be posted to the channel when editing is completed.

The channel can be found by going to YouTube and searching Rogers City Area Schools. Teacher Ben Witter and his students have been working hard to come up with entertaining videos for the channel as they learn about filming and editing their work.