Onaway city commission sends letter to PICSD

by Angie Asam-Staff Writer

At the end of Tuesday evening’s Presque Isle County Board of Commissioners’ meeting, county clerk Ann Marie Main read a letter from the Onaway city commission into the record.

The letter was addressed to sheriff Robert Paschke at the Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Department. It was also sent to undersheriff Joe Brewbaker and the board.

“On behalf of the Onaway city commission, I would like to again express my appreciation for the level and quality of patrol your department has provided to the taxpayers of the city of Onaway since taking over law enforcement responsibilities some 18 months ago,” opens the letter.

“We continue to receive positive comments on almost a daily basis about the level of presence the Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Department (PICSD) has established in this community and about the professionalism of the officers who respond to complaints.


“That most certainly is a reflection on yourself and the undersheriff, who set the tone for the department. We have continued to be beyond pleased with the level of communication between this office and yours, with the diligence and caring you have shown in making Onaway’s needs a priority, and with the way you have operated the PICSD in general.

“For all of this, we want to thank you, the undersheriff, and all of the deputies and dispatchers your department employs. As always, feel free to call on me should you have any questions or concerns,” the letter was signed by city manager Joe Hefele.

After the letter was read into the record the commissioners expressed their congratulations to Paschke, who was in the audience, for the positive comments received from the Onaway city commission.